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I have always been fascinated by patterns. Especially if they are colorful. And lately I have been experimenting with making polymer clay "textiles" that I can use in my work. So I started a trolling around for inspiration patchwork in fabric.

/häjˌpäj/ noun
  1. 1: a confused mixture
    2: something made up of an incongruous variety of pieces or parts

I think that my whole life is a hodgepodge of sorts, filled with a random mixture of colors, textures, patterns and shapes.The cool thing about patchwork, mishmash, jumble or potpourri approach is that anything goes!

Each month I try to challenge myself. This month I set out to adapt a look that I have been working on for other jewelry pieces - bracelets, pendants -  into some components for earrings.

Introducing: The HodgePodge Collection

These are made from a variety of canes and blends that I have made myself in my polymer clay work. To make these I have to make larger sheets that are filled with a crazy mish-mash of cane slieces and polymer clay veneers. Then I use these special micro cutters that I found (meant for leather work) to make the shapes. These are just the initial pairs that I have created, but I know that I will make other shapes and color palettes. Lots of possibilities here!

I think it will be fun to experiment with drops that are different sizes and adding in other beads and metal for a more layered effect. I think I will have fun making more of these components, a go-with-anything mix of colors and patterns to brighten up the coming spring.


You will get ONE PAIR.

Each pair is unique in color and texture, cut from adjacent spaces on the veneer sheets. 

Sizes range from 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" long.

Select your preference by number. Once these initial pairs are sold out I will update with more as I make them.

Note: Additional pictures show how to use them. Earrings are not included in this listing.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." ~Anonymous

Enjoy the day!

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