Artist Statement

Erin Prais-Hintz is an artisan jewelry designer and a collector of interesting things. Influenced by everything...nature, books, movies, architecture, poetry, songs, dreams, people and places... her style is the melding of opposites: hard and soft, straight and curved, grand and tiny, bold and muted, elegant and whimsical. Designing meaningful jewelry for her clients is the greatest joy. One of Erin's best strengths in designing is her listening skills. She 'interviews' clients to find out not just what colors work best for them, but what their lifestyle is, what is important to them, how they would like to wear it. The best compliment Erin ever receives is when someone says that the piece she created is an extension of them, something that is such a perfect fit for their personality and style. Erin seeks ways to incorporate the unexpected in each piece, whether that is a family heirloom, hardware store bits and pieces, a natural find, miniature works of art from her favorite bead artists, or creating a piece completely from scratch using only her imagination as her Muse. When people have that 'aha' moment, when they realize that this was made just for them, when they see the hidden treasures in each piece, that is what makes it all worthwhile for Erin. And that is where the name Tesori Trovati originates...Italian for 'treasures found.' Each piece Erin creates contains a treasure found just for you.


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