<<<<<<<TESORI TROVATI is currently on hiatus.>>>>>>>
I am honored to be mounting a solo exhibit at Gallery Q in Stevens Point, WI that will debut in July-August,
so I will be taking some time to focus on the creation of art for that show.
Simple Truths Sampler Club will still be running and available, but other pendants, components and jewelry will need to wait. 
Thank you for your understanding! Looking forward to sharing my vision for "Momentum: Art in Motion" for Summer 2018!

tesori \ta-zor'-ee\ Italian n.
translation: treasures
1::something of great work or value
2::a collection of precious things
trovati \truh-va'-tee\ Italian adj.
translation: found
1::to come upon unexpectedly or accidentally
2::a valuable discovery

Jewelry designer, Erin Prais-Hintz, creates one-of-a-kind pieces that capture emotions and reflect the personality, history and passions of their owners. Each piece tells a story - your story - and is a personal adornment like no other.
Her wearable art utilizes everything from precious gemstones and artisancrafted beads and findings, her own hand-crafted polymer clay Simple Truths to found objects from foreign lands or close to home.
Each work of art is unique in style, color and texture and is 

a treasure found just for you.