Frida's Triumph - Symbol Bead Series

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Inspired by the Art Bead Scene April 2015 inspiration, Self Portrait with Thorns and Hummingbird, 1940 by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

I have to admit that I didn't know much about Frida Kahlo before this month, just that she was a fiery Mexican artist who painted a lot of self-portraits in a hyper-realistic style. Oh, and she had those eyebrows. 

But after watching the 2002 bio-pic starring Salma Hayek in the lead role, I have a new appreciation for this amazing, eccentric woman. She suffered a lot of pain in her life, including a bus accident that left her with painful surgeries, scars and health issues that plagued her all the days of her too short life. She lived life deeply, never letting a moment pass that she wasn't fully engaged, exuberant and passionate about everything around her. She loved a man that could never be faithful, and this was the source of her deepest pain, the one that is depicted in this self-portrait.

Kahlo's work is always colorful, dramatic, symbolic and sometimes disturbing. This painting features a necklace of thorns drawing blood from her delicate neck, hung with a dead humminbird, looked on by a distracted monkey and a cat about to pounce, set in a tangle of jungle leaves with butterflies and dragonflies swirling her head. That is some powerful stuff.

I created what I am calling a Symbol Bead Series (hopefully, the first of many) called Frida's Triumph with a relief of flora and fauna - overlapping leaves entwined by thorns with the symbolic images of either a butterfly (transformation), a dragonfly (living in the moment), a hummingbird (freedom and life) and a flower (hope). The bead core is hand-formed and then individual parts are created from molds and overlapped and smoothed onto the core and baked. Each one is uniqe and different. The bead is then antiqued, sanded, hand-colored with a special watercolor crayon, painted and sealed with a soft-touch varnish for a beautiful matte finish. I hope that Miss Frida would be proud.


SIZE: approximately 1 1/2" long and 1/2" wide (each will vary)


SIZE: approximately 3/4" round (each will vary)

See Tide Pool Treasures Symbol beads to see approximate size in an earring design.

COLOR: greens, red, orange, yellow, brown, blue

NOTE: All Simple Truths are made to order. Expect variations from the pictures. That is part of their charm!

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